Transformer differential relay setting calculation example

4 Calculation of the tripping current and the stabilizing resistance 6

Application Example on Transformer Differential Protection Calculation 25/33MVA 69/23kV Delta-Wye Transformer on SEL-387A Relay Figure 1

The voltage that is fed to the autotransformer input is reduced in proportion to the ‘tap’ setting of autotransformer at the output

Using a high impedance differential relay with a series resonant circuit to limit sensitivity to CT saturation (KAB relay system) 4

, Tap + 10% ( 440Kv – 360KV CTR = 800 /1 If it closes, the breaker trips

2 Selectivity is the ability of the protective relaying to trip the minimum circuits or equipment to isolate the fault

1 PERCENTAGE DIFFERENTIAL UNIT The transformer relay is detailed in Figure 4

As mentioned above, the CT mismatch errors, zero sequence current, transformer phase shift were not considered when testing electromechanical relays

First Semester For the first semester, the team decided upon three major milestones to achieve the goals for the semester

The typical setpoint for the second harmonic restraint is the relay manufacturer’s default stabilized differential relays place intentional impedance in the differential leg of the CT circuit to create a current divider that forces most of the false differential current to flow away from the relay

• The Y‐axis is the Differential/Operate current is the sum of all winding ABB Differential Relay Setting Calculation - Free download as PDF File (

While setting parameters will differ depending on the type of current differential relay, the setting principles and system conditions to consider remain largely the same

01In Relay Setting Calculation - Free download as Excel Spreadsheet (

This test required two current sources to be injected into the differential relay phase inputs

5 ‘87N’ restricted ground differential protection for a transformer winding 38 9

The output of the current transformer is given as shown in the figure

The two end of the transformer both primary and secondary is connected with the current transformer

Busbar Differential Protection / 7SS60 Protection functions 9/8 Siemens SIP · Edition No

Index Terms — Current Differential Protection, Power Transformer, Protection Relay, Single Phase I

3x2200A, that is, 2860A, for the protection relay at location B

Jun 23, 2013 · For the E/F relay, the load current is not a factor in the selection of pickup settings and is normally set at 20% of rated current

Differential Relay Setting % of Star Winding Protected 10% 58% 20% 41% 30% 28% 40% 17% 50% 7% Earth Fault on Transformer Winding I Differential Relay Setting = IS For relay operation, I> IS e

The operation of removing the zero sequence component is necessary also for a delta equal to twice tap value, flows through the differential current transformer

Approximate O/C and E/F relay setting for two transformer operating in parallel

Note: PSM is used for time Calculation only and not required to be entered in the Relay Setting

The current transformers are not likely exactly matched to the transformer turns ratio so there will always be an unbalance currentin the operating coil of a transformer differential relay

Abstract: CURRENT transformers application calculation of transformer differential relay setting relay busbar protection ABB earth BUSBAR calculation RK 646 differential relay calculation of transformer differential relay relay rd3 diode unit RLOE 100 Text:

20 Amp Transformer rating : 315 MVA, 400/220 KV, Impedance12

2 Example calculation - transformer This paper describes the advantages and disadvantages of a generator differential protection relay system which uses double slope characteristics of Areva P343, ABB REG670, SEL300G and GE G60

To determine the correct tap setting, calculate the cur-rents delivered to the relay at full load on the trans- After differential protection operation of station service high voltage transformer for 210 MW gas-generator set in a power plant, the possibility of primary equipment fault on protected area is This paper reviews the basic setting criteria for current differential line protection, and the charge comparison relay in particular

That means that the current will want to flow around the outside of the equivalent circuit because the outside circuit has a lower impedance path during external faults

The Iomin setting Setting of T/F O/C E/F Relays -> ( Approximate Method )

Saturation OVERCURRENT RELAYS Amp Tap Settings, Time Dial Settings, Instantaneous Settings, Relay Time Margins, Safety Margins, Digital Relays, Electro-Mechanical Induction Disk Jan 01, 2013 · Back up protection to differential relay of power transformer with time delay

Abstract—Classifying the length of a line is an important step in determining the transmission line protection philosophy and relay settings

We need to setting the value of overload relay properly depend on our application and motor full load ampere

Horak, "Three Phase Transformer Winding Configurations and Differential Relay Compensation" 60th Annual Georgia Tech Protective Relay Conference, May 2-5, 2016 (this takes you to Basler web site, free registration required) steps of modeling the differential relay with the Matlab Simulink model and the application of the modeled relay in testing a protection system

This transformer standard presents the terms that define the transformer “hot-spot” calculation

A recommendation for the selection of current transformers is also given

High Impedance Differential Relay High-impedance differential relays are typically used for bus protection

Differential relay sensitivity is inversely proportional to restraint current

Mohammed Twafeeq Al-Zuhairi 152 Transformer Differential Relay Connections Fig

• Relay Word bit ORED50T is asserted if 50PnT, 50NnT, 50GnT, or 50QnT Relay Word bits are asserted • Relay Word bit ORED51T is asserted if 51AT, 51BT, 51CT, 51P1T, 51P2T, 51N1T, 51N2T, 51G1T, 51G2T, or 51QT Relay Word bits are asserted 250+ Protection Relay Engineer Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: Where does Negative phase sequence relay is employed? Question2: What is the operation principle of differential relay? Question3: Why distance protection is preferred as primary protection compared to over current protection for transmission lines? Question4: Why biased differential protection is preferred over simple Chapter 3) 7SR242 Duobias Performance Specification 2

A differential protection relay is defined as the relay that operates when the phase difference of two or more identical electrical quantities exceeds a predetermined amount

A numeric relay generally contains many imple-mentations of these devices within its program-ming, and each instance of a device is referred to, herein, as an “element” in the relay

2 Setting of the pick-up value for the differential current ID 6

Determination of the maximum voltage for this condition is subject to simple calculations, and thus, the relay setting is easily determined

6% X”d I Abstract: CURRENT transformers application calculation of transformer differential relay setting relay busbar protection ABB earth BUSBAR calculation RK 646 differential relay calculation of transformer differential relay relay rd3 diode unit RLOE 100 Text: through-going current Ij3 does not exceed 2 A continuously

Similarly, the number and type of relay elements monitored and captured in an event report will vary by relay model

Main protection to outgoing feeders and bus couplers with adjustable time delay setting

1 Setting instructions for differential protection over the whole transformer bank The differential protection as a main protection function of the 7UT612/613 is parameterized and set in a few steps: Aug 03, 2019 · Autotransformer starting involves inserting an autotransformer in between the motor and the source

This relay has an operating winding and two restraining winding connected as shown in Fig

5 KW) choose the relay range between 27 A to 44 amps, set a current limit as 30 A

In this case, simulating the differential current transformer that includes vector group compensation

As previously mentioned, it is a method to quickly detect a ground fault in a zone, usually a transformer

The biased-differential relay is a low-impedance relay and compares with the high-impedance relay as follows: Advantages of biased scheme: Can operate with CTs with a lower knee point and less accuracy, since the relay is of a low-impedance type

Overlap of Third Harmoni c (27TN) with 59N Relay Generator Protection – Setting Calculations 87G – Generator Differential Generator CT Short Circuit Calculation: Check for the maximum three-phase fault on the terminals of the generator to determine the secondary current for the worst-case internal fault

But the effect of even a rare fault may be very serious for a power transformer

Step-up transformer impedance + 80% of the zone 1 reach setting of the shortest transmission line distance relay (neglecting in-feeds) A time delay of approximately 0

Thompson and Amit Somani, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc

Again, the unbalanced currents will cause the differential relay to operate

Differential currents above the The slope test verified the operating characteristic of the differential relay

Dec 20, 2018 · relay settings, over current relay settings, idmt relay setting, earth fault relay setting, instantaneous relay setting, how to set relays, relay setting calculation, relay characteristics, calculation to set relays, IDMT relay setting calculation Figure 4: Wiring of the differential protection relay Side 1 Side 2 Side 3 V Side V M = V T, 3 2 ph ph prim V , 1 2 ph ph prim V Table 1: Calculation of the reference voltage Example: Scott transformer: Voltages: V prim = 154 kV, V sec = V M = V T = 55kV Apparent power: 80 MVA/40MVA/40MVA CT-primary side (3phase): 400A/1A energization of the transformer, if the relay is equipped with a filter that filters out all harmonics and DC offset, such as an SEL relay

The high impedance principle is same as that of the REF principle as discussed above and the discussion in this topic is restricted to the low impedance principle The smart transformer relay framework for overload management is already defined by the IEEE C57

7 Pickup characteristic of the differential protection The characteristic can be set in the parameters for Id > (pickup value) and for the k factor which considers the linear and non-linear current transformer errors

In many ways, the setting of the slope characteristic function becomes less critical because of delta phase supervision

The function of the restraining windings is to prevent undesired relay operation should a current flow in the operating winding due to CT during external fault

Differential Protection of a Transformer The transformer is one of the major equipment in power system

The differential relay works on the principle of comparison between the phase angle and magnitude of two or more similar electrical quantities

The resistance of the CT secondary windings and cabling must be known , and is used in the relay setting calculations

UNIT CT VALUE A T60 Percent Differential element per unit value refers to setting scaled to the identified Unit CT

Jul 07, 2019 · Such a condition would occur for a short-circuit fault outside the zone of relay protection

4 ‘51G’ overcurrent protection against ground fault 38 9

Using a Differential Comparator relay with moderately high impedance to limit sensitivity to CT saturation (RED-521) terminal current differential applications can monitor up to 12 phase currents

It is known that other electromechanical transformer differential relays with harmonic restraint have different second harmonic thresholds

The basic element in overcurent protection is the overcurrent relays

• Transformer ratio • CT ratio • Vector quantities – Which vectors are used – Where the 1

The operation of current transformer (CT), voltage transformer (VT) and protection relays also will be tested, for example, checking the stability of the transformer differential and restricted earth fault protection by injection 380 V and also busbar protection sensitivity and stability tests

For example, while the Basler BE1-CDS220 is primarily a transformer differential relay (hence, transformers, and how the protection setting calculations and actual relay settings are affected when protecting three single-phase transformers

the relay location, or between six and ten times the rated current

Note in the image below that two traces are shown on the graph (one for each slope), and there’s a setting for “Slope to Test”

100 Sec, Relay Curve is selected as Normal Inverse Type Aug 31, 2018 · The current setting of relay is expressed in percentage ratio of relay pick up current to the rated secondary current of CT

By using modern numerical technology, it is now possible to make differential protection relay 87T, which can properly calculate differential currents for any power transformer, regardless of its Abstract: This paper provides an alternate method for testing transformer differential relays applied to delta-grounded wye transformers using single-phase test currents

Higher currents may be applied for shorter lengths of time in accordance with the following equation: r2t = 48,400 Calculation of IDMT Over Current Relay Settings (50/51/50N/51N) Calculation model for thermal relay Siemens 7SJ64; Motor Protection Relay Selection Curves; Over current protection – INVERSE TIME O/C PROTECTION CALC – 51(N) – Directional OC – Primary & secondary current calculation; Filter Design Calculation; P63x Differential Jun 23, 2018 · This is the test procedure for Siemens 7UT61 Relay (IEC61850 supported numerical relay)

Approximate O/C and E/F relay setting for single transformer

high speed differential relaying on generators, buses and transformers

While the latter configuration would not be used today, one may be required to make this calculation on an existing system

5% FROM 2016 TO 2021” The protective relay market is projected to reach USD 4

When the relay is correctly set, one screw must be in the lower row of holes at the correct tap value and the oth-er must be in the hole directly above

25 will account for the CT and relay errors and relay transient overreach, the relay will allow loads of about 200/1

eithe r at the instantaneous setting of the load sid e feeder circuit breaker relay or the maximum short-circuit current, which can flow through both dev ices simultaneously, whichever is the lower value of current

IDMT Relay High Current setting : Plug setting of Relay is 2

2 Protection of delta – Star transformer bank by percentage differential relays

Differential Protection Symposium BeloHorizonteNovember 2005 G

Therefore it requires some fundamental consider-ation for configuration and selection of the setting values

Manual on setting differential relay deterioration at some point in a transformer

Transformer Differential Protection Scheme works by using two separate quantities calculated from the primary current (IW1C) and secondary current (IW2C)

The system containing two buses bus1 is connected to source and bus2 is connected to load and the transformer is connected between the buses

Take 150% relay range; For example, your load current is 32 A (18

relay 51T = High Side Phase OC relay 51 = Low Side Phase OC relay 51G = Low Side Ground OC relay 51GB1,2 = Ground Backup OC relay Hands On Relay School Transformer Protection Open Lecture Class Outline • Transformer protection overview • Review transformer connections • Discuss challenges and methods of current differential Protection • Discuss other protective elements used in transformer protection Scott Cooper Eastern Regional Manager How to calculate relay range for DOL starter: Calculate the full load current of your load setup

Percentage restrained differential relays measure the individual branch currents and quantify the through current in the zone of protection

May 12, 2017 · The total burden is a combination of impedance offered by watt-hour meter coils, relay current coils, contact resistance, terminal blocks, wire resistance and test switches used in the secondary loop

That means, For example, suppose, you want that, an over current relay should operate when the system current just crosses 125% of rated current

Power transformers are one of the most important elements in power systems

One generator and one transformer use 9699A generator transformer differential protection,two generator and one transformer use the 9699B generator-transformer set,The generator transformer protection relay is composed completely of 9681 Circulating Current High Impedance Differential Protection using 7SJ8 SIPROTEC 5 Application Note Edition 1 3 SIP5-APN-030 1

Traditionally, inverse -time overcurrent relays have been used for overload protection, but a difficulty is that The instantaneous overcurrent relay is designed to oper-ate with no intentional time delay when the current ex-ceeds the relay setting

(The Please do note that the translation from the relay setting to the actual primary current would have to factor in current transformer ratio correction factors, phase shift correction and possibly zero sequence eliminations factors as well

1 c), an optn circuit is shown, resulting in no current in the one winding

One line current differential relay records both local and remote phase currents in one event report

DIFFERENTIAL PROTECTION SETTING Relay: Micom P633 Recommended Differential Setting = 0

For example, the Westinghouse HU-1 is factory set for 15% second harmonic, and it can be lowered to 7

A Buon Tua Srah Hydropower Plant in Vietnam was selected as an example for the relay setting calculations of these characteristics

Practical Experience in Setting Transformer Differential Inrush Restraint 63 1

1 Differential Relay Settings Calculations MiCOM P63X Relay Type: MICOM P63X Required Data Ratings of the Power and Current Transformers MVA Voltage Ratio Rated Voltage in kV (HV Side) Rated Voltage in kV (LV Side) Vector Group CT Ratio (HV Side) CT HV Side Vector Group CT Ratio (LV Side) CT LV Side Vector Group Minimum Tap Transformer Differential Protection Setting Calculation

2 Operate and Reset Level Attribute Value Operate level 5% of setting or 0

With the view to its higher resistance to disturbances from Apr 07, 2019 · Transformer differential protection contains a number of additional functions (matching to transformation ratio and vector group, stabilisation (restraint) against inrush currents and over excitation) and therefore requires some fundamental consideration for configuration and selection of the setting values

Apr 29, 2019 · 7) Plug Setting Multiplier (PSM): It is the Fault current seen by the relay in the Multiples of Plug Setting

Dec 01, 2011 · REF RELAY SETTING CALCULATION Transformer Data : 8 MVA , 6

Basic Transformer Design Concepts Before proceeding, let us review a few points on transformer design and review some Jan 06, 2017 · A differential relay is defined as the relay that operates when the phase difference of two or more identical electrical quantities exceeds a predetermined amount

Calculation for Star/Delta starter: Calculate FLA (Full Load Amps) Merz Price Differential Protection Working Principle: Merz Price differential protection for Transformer

Overcurrent differential” relay might be able to work this way, most transformer differential relays work outside of the sequence component domain and do some form of current balance calculation in the ABC domain


Figure 6—Basic relay connections (one phase) for fixed percentage restraint differential Finally there are previews of historical and modern protections

Typical settings for tap settings for autotransformer motor starters are 50%, 65%, 80%

The 7SD610 differential protection relay is connected to the current transformers and to the voltage transformers at one end of the cable, although only the currents are re-quired for the differential protection func-tion

The phase differential element calculations do not use the phase rotation setting, but the setting must be correct for one to use the negative-sequence differential element in the relay, i

The current flowing in restraining coil proportional to (I 1 +I 2 )/2 and this restraining current prevents the operation during external faults

After presenting a definition of Unit Protection, the principle INTRODUCTION Operate and Restraint Signals of a Transformer Differential Relay Page 4 of 24 • emulating the delta connection of the CTs for all the wye-connected windings of a protected transformer, or by • calculating and subtracting the zero sequence cu rrent explicitly

1 Amplifiers A current transformer (CT) is generally used to sense the current in the grid

2 Needs of transformer short-circuit current calculation Today more than ever before, the electricity grid is developing so quickly — the power plant capacity, the substation capacity and electricity loads, as well as load density, sustainably grow

Three phase positive sequence current above setting must be present

secondly manufacturers sometimes have additional requirements; for example Siemens’ overcurrent, motor protection, line differential (non-pilot)and transformer differential are good to go with the above, while their line differential (pilot wire) and distance relays require the above and have additional limitations on K ’ scc Selecting Current Transformers Part 1 GE Consumer & Industrial May 2008 the circuit may have the current transformer, a lone run of wiring, a relay, a meter, an auxiliary current transformer and a transducer

Test will be done to verify the setting and configuration of differential relay

• stabilization factor (default setting for the transformer is equal 0,5), The zero sequence filter prevents a relay imbalance

CT requirements for differential protection When the through current equals and exceeds k AxI N there may be enough secondary 1

6 ‘63’ protection against internal anomalies for oil transformers (Bucholz relay) 39 9

Detect Safety calculation data for AI581-S, DI581-S, DX581-S, SM560-S, SM560-S-FD-1 and SM560-S-FD-4 may be followed by -XC for eXtreme Conditions devices

If we setting low from FLA,it can cause motor trip c0ntinues and process […] determine if the harmonic restraint setting of the existing STD16C could be lowered

appropriate operation of modeled transformer differential protection in simulation projects

50/87 Differential via flux summation CTs 87G Generator phase differential 50/27IE Inverdent energization overcurrent with 27, 81 supervision 87N Generator ground differential 51N Stator ground over current (Low, Med Z ground, Phase CT residual 87UD Unit differential Overload relay is the one of important device for motor control

Mar 30, 2017 · Sample calculation-for-differential-relays 1

73 factor (√3) is applied • When examining line to line quantities on delta connected transformer windings and CT windings • Zero-sequence current filtering for wye windings so the differential quantities do not occur from external ground Newest generation of transformer differential relays are already designed to support phase-shifting transformers and can model the specific behaviour of the transformer within the relay algorithm in firmware

If the ground current is going in and not out, and is above the setting of the restricted earth fault relay, the transformer is isolated

The interval consists of the following components: (a) Circuit breaker opening 0

May 15, 2018 · Differential Protection Scheme basic and 5MVA Transformer(OLTC) Protection Calculation by the protection relay as differential current

Simulation done with main part are , setting of the relay, zero sequence elimination of the ground 4

Now, analyzing a short circuit at location F3, at the end of the 11kV underground cable supplying the 4MVA transformer, the short-circuit current is presented as: F2 F3 C B C F1 F4 4 MVA 11/3

Fault current flowing through saturated CT and associated wiring generates a voltage across the relay/RScombination

setting relay • differential protection minimal differential current setting I r0 (default setting for 0,5 I nt)

INTRODUCTION Differential relaying is perhaps one of the simplest relay concepts

2 As per the setting of differential Id> it will gives trip in the Calculation of differential and biased High Impedance Busbar Differential Protection Maximum Voltage Calculation The high impedance differential busbar protection has an impedance of 2000Ω

The relay, however, must remain stable during inrush conditions

line differential relay sel-311l sel te7l-p relay control test switch its-2 differential protection and automation system schweitzer va engineering laboratories current & potential test switch 1 vc ia

It allows for example implementation of a zero-current differential protection by inte-grating the star-point current (IRI1-ER)

This sensed current is then converted to a differential voltage signal using the load resistor

This paper will explain the difference between harmonic restraint and harmonic blocking, both mathematically and graphically

PCS has extensive experience in the development of protective relay settings for transmission, distribution and generation systems, with voltage ranging from 480V through 500 kV

docx Note: The current transformer connections for the 7SD8x devices are the same as the 7UT8x Protective Relay Market by Voltage , by End User , and by Protection Mechanism – Global Trends and F - “PROTECTIVE RELAY MARKET TO GROW AT A CAGR OF 6

The third part describes a design of differential protection of transformers

Should a fault occur inside the zone of relay protection (that is between the CT’s), the differential relay would receive current in the operating coil

SEL787 and SEL 387/587 Transformer differential relay is used for this discussion

Time Settings The actual operating time of the O/C & E/F relays can be varied by proper selection of the ‘Time Dial Setting’ which is selectable from 0

The SEL-487E transformer differential element is unusual, in that it uses more than just restraint current to select slope 1 or slope 2

Overcurrent Relay Coordination for Phase and Earth faults using ETAP Proceedings of 7 th IRF International Conference, 27 April-2014, Pune, India, ISBN: 978-93-84209-09-4 59 Here for this system, the grading margin is chosen as 200 ms = 0

Participant profile Protective Device Coordination Protective Device Coordination Study- Objective: •Determine the characteristics, ratings, and settings of overcurrent protective devices TRANSFORMER PROTECTION ANSI C57 Transformer Thru Fault Curves, Impact of Transformer Winding Configuration, Overview of Differential Protection, Inrush and Harmonic Restraint, Hands On Differential Relay Setting Calculation Problems and Calculation Worksheets

VSis the next highest possible voltage setting Oct 11, 2013 · IDMT Relay Low Current setting: Over Load Current setting is 125%, Plug setting of Relay is 0

Relay setting in Jun 21, 2016 · Relay setting #1 Transformer Differential Protection

Abstract The second harmonic inrush restraint function of transformer differential relays maintains security of the differential protection during transformer inrush events

Each current transformer has a secondary burden when connected in a relay or metering circuit

Therefore, the protection of power transformers and the prevention of tripping power transformer unnecessarily due to inrush current are crucial for the continuity of the power supply

Substations Sitemap Test Formats Manuals Softwares Slope-1 Setting Slope-2 Setting Differential Unrestrained (U87P (Un-restrained Differential Pick-up) ) Calculations SEL-351 SEL-787 Transformer Relay Settings relay settings and the selec tion of current transformers are described with examples

With information from the top-oil, ambient tem-perature, current and voltage transducers inputs, the smart Sep 09, 2003 · allow angle application bank block breaker calculated cause characteristic circuit close coil comparator component connected coordination current transformer curve delay described detection determined devices diagram differential directional distance relay distribution effect equal example external factor fault current flow frequency function Nov 02, 2017 · ANSI 87 Three-Phase Differential Mode: SEL-487E Relay

We will start the transformer differential protection calculation with the identification of the transformer vector group

Asymmetric short circuit current with time constant τ = 50ms 2

- Setting calculation for transformer differential protection - Performance differential relay response during transformer and reactor switching

Transformer differential relay also working on the principle of current differential as in REF relay and they can also be high impedance and low impedance based

A transformer differential relay for a 3-winding transformer from Schneider Electric has been used

com This 5 day course offers a comprehensive understanding of relay protection and its application in practice

It is also an application that demands the relay be able to operate with unequal CT performance, since external fault magnitudes can be quite large

For the RRTC-3 relay, the protected transformer HV side current transformers secondary current during nominal load should be considered as the relays I nt current

| PowerPoint PPT presentation | free A relay setting (in volts) is chosen, with sufficient margin, to ensure that the differential protection does not operate for this external fault condition

Relay manufacturers use a variety of calculations like the maximum of the winding currents or the average of the currents

This product uses the phase rotation setting to determine negative-sequence current (3I2)

5 second gives the primary protection (generator differential, transformer differential and overall differential) and breaker failure function enough time Apr 03, 2009 · Generator Protection – Setting Calculations Generator Protection Sample Relay Setting Calculations The sample calculations shown here illustrate steps involved in calculating the relay settings for generator protection

The 7UT512 require all its settings in per unit values, all rated to the nominal current of the transformer

The stabilized earth fault current relay IRI1-ER serves as a supplement for the transformer differen-tial protection

In that, the relay operating coil A, B and C is connected with The following paper is a discussion on the setting of the 7UT512/3 Differential Relay, and consists of a simple example and various hints on how to implement settings on the 7UT512 relay

7UT85 Relay Current Transformer connection: 3- phase 7UT85 Relay Current Transformer connection: 3- phase + IN Page 4 of 12 CT Polarity on a SIPROTEC - Quick Start_v1

The length of a line can be defined by physical Polarity Markings, Current Transformer Saturation, Excitation Curves, Saturation Calculation Worksheets and Example Problems, Burden, CT Accuracy Class, CT Size vs

Overcurrent Relay Setting Model for Effective Substation Relay Coordination International organization of Scientific Research 27 | P a g e associated with temperature rise of the equipment whose permissible limit is based on insulation class and material problems

Saturation OVERCURRENT RELAYS Amp Tap Settings, Time Dial Settings, Instantaneous Settings, Relay Time Margins, Safety Margins, Digital Relays, Electro-Mechanical Induction Disk of the differential protection provides informative data for evaluation in the event of a fault

Similarly, a"shortcircuit" within awinding will cause the two winding currents to be unmatched, causing the differential relay to operate

3 kV 7% 11 kV 250 MVA 200 m 240mm2 cable 200 m 240mm2 cable + TESTING P643 TRANSFORMER DIFFERENTIAL RELAY

A 1:1 overall voltage ratio is assumed in the figure above with 1 PU fault current flowing

1 Differential protection Transformer differential protection contains a number of additional functions (matching to transformation ratio and vector group, restraint against inrush currents and overexcitation)

Beginning with fault analysis and nature of the faults in the system, specifying the relay protection objectives, explaining Current transformer selection for VAMP series overcurrent and differential relays [ Application note ] ANGEN

1 INITIAL DIFFERENTIAL SETTING: This is the value of current, expressed as a percentage of the chosen current rating, at which the relay will operate with zero bias current

In addition, from the standpoint of the transformer life-time, tripping-out during inrush conditions is a very undesirable situation (breaking a current of a pure inductive nature generates high Subject: Investigation of recent trippings of power transformer on Harmonics in differential relay for taking corrective action to prevent further trippings

Short time rating (thermal): The short time (thermal) rating is 220 amperes for one second measured in the primary of any transformer of the Type BDD relay

These tests are explained in the following Jun 23, 2013 · To overcome these difficulty, the percentage differential relay, or 'Based Differential Relay' is used

Due to the differences in the measuring principle, this will limit the differential relay possibility to sense ground faults

7 ‘26’ overtemperature protection Apr 28, 2018 · Percentage Differential Protection – Slope in Differential Protection April 28, 2018 July 6, 2016 by admin As discussed in the post “ Transformer Differential Protection ”, differential protection is supposed to operate for the internal faults or for the zone of protection it is intended for

It is essentially a circulating current differential relay which additional restraining coil

Its setting would normally be the same as that for the differential bias slope Calculate relay settings values for transformer current differential protection Test relay with the faultable transformer Finish paper with addition of second semester results 2

So a 10% differential relay setting says that the operating current needs to be over 10% more than the restraint current

The voltage connection improves, among other things, the frequency measure-ment and allows the measured values and CALCULATION OF SETTINGS The BE1-87B relay is set based on the maximum possible voltage that can be produced in the differential circuit as a result of a fault external to the zone of protection

An application example using an inverse relay has relay pickup at 30% of transformer rating and a time of 1

This means that it can trip with no intentional time delay for faults within its zone of protection, the reason why differential protection is often applied on high value equipment such as transformers

Ziegler, 10/2005 page2 Contents Pages Mode of operation3 -27 Measuring technique28 -45 Current transformers 46 -86 Communications87 -115 Generator and motor differential protection116 -122 Transformer differential protection123 -178 Line differential protection179 -216 The 9699 differential protection relay of Generator-transformer set is mainly suitable for medium and small generator transformer set differential protection

p control test s'mtch circuit as the transformer differential relay

Connection of Differential Relay to delta-wye transformer, phase shift, CT ratio Transformer Protection (87T), zones and CT circuits, thermal ratings Transformer alarm/monitoring points, diagnostic tests, LTCs (Load Tap Changers) Chapter 13: Percent Differential (87) Element Testing 285 1

Transformer units The instantaneous units of the overcurrent relays installed on the primary side of the transformer should be set at a value between 125 and 150 per cent of the fault current existing on the low-voltage side

(C) Inverse Time Over current Relays (IDMT Relay): In this type of relays, operating time is inversely changed with current

The operating characteristic of this relay is illustrated by the Differential Protection Setting Calculations Step 1 -Check CT and Relay Input Ratings Sample Transformer Ratings: OA/FA/FA = 30/40/50 MVA Short Time Rating of this transformer is 1

The alternate method is based on the transformer three-line diagram and transformer nameplate

5 % Tap +10 % ( 440 KV - 360 KV ) HV Side CTR - 1000:1 LV Side CTR - 800:1 At normal condition current in LV bias circuit (Winding b and c): Primary Principles of Differential Relaying Current Balance High Impedance Determine worst case throughfault current

The number of 500 kV substations in the Keywords:Power Transformer, Inrush Current, Differential Relay

(The relay will not respond directionally to single phase or phase to phase current

4 Phase and earth-fault high impedance differential protection of series reactors 22 The SEL-487E Transformer Differential Relay provides three-phase differential protection for transformer applications with up to five three-phase restraint current inputs

This value is set higher than the transformer The current setting of the relay may correspond to about 200% of the continuous current rating of the traction transformer

m curve (b) Current setting (c) Time setting (d) Fault current relay setting of 1

The ground current into the transformer is compared to the ground current out of the transformer

Nonetheless, the operating time of this type of relay can vary significantly

The phase comparison Dot product function operates to supervise the operation of the slope characteristic

Pickup is at approximately 115% of nominal motor duty factor

> 59% Thus 59% of winding is not protected 2 3 I= 2 3 Relay Setting Calculation rev

It includes short-circuit ratio calculation, example of three phase short-circuit calculation, CT ratio check, actual setting of protection and setting evaluation

’ The calculation method is the subject of a recent IEEE Standard(Guide): C57

KEYWORDS: differential protection, transformer protection, motor protection

The data can be used for safety calculations using ABB FSDT tool or other safety calculation tools, like SISTEMA, PAScal, etc

Omicron CMC256 or 356 Test Equipment or Any Equivalent To Be Used

Following parameters define differential characteristics: Setting in our example Pickup val Dec 22, 2018 · In transformer differential protection, the CT ratio in HV and LV side are different, therefore merely taking the phasor sum will result in some definite differential current which may be more than the low set differential setting and hence will lead to actuation of differential element of relay even under normal operating condition

It is preferable to use the smallest available differential relays and will focus on one of the major differences – harmonic restraint and harmonic blocking in providing secure and dependable relay operations during transformer energization

It is a static device, totally enclosed and usually oil immersed, and therefore the fault occurs on them are usually rare

It is the single best indicator that a transformer is ‘overloaded

GET-8425: T60 Percent Differential Calculations 2 GE Power Management It is important for the user to understand the Slope 1 and 2 percentage settings and the Minimum Pickup, Break 1, and Break 2 per-unit values

Use the three independent restricted earth fault (REF) elements for sensitive ground-fault detection in grounded wye-transformer applications

Calculation: Differential Relay setting calculations of the Power transformer based on Typical Power Transformer data as mentioned below: Data: 1

The example differential protection relay shown in the below figure is a transformer differential The purpose of biased differential protection is to detect faults with high selectivity and sensitivity

Other methodologies and techniques may be applied to calculate relay settings based on specific applications

The differential relay is connected so that its operation is based on Kirchhoff’s current law—the sum of the currents entering a node is equal to the sum of the currents leaving that node

A transformer has a turns ratio so the current in is not really equal to the current out

It can prevent our motor from overheat or winding burning due overload of ampere

the system phase rotation A Tutorial on Calculating Source Impedance Ratios for Determining Line Length Michael J

The signals injected to the differential relay may be brought from actual or ideal current transformers (depending on the requirements) Fig

The mixed connection in the transformer low voltage winding is shown in the Figure 3

Bus protection is an application that demands many sets of CT’s be connected to the relays

3 Phase and earth-fault high impedance differential protection of motors or generators (synchronous) 22 1

This gets much more complicated when you have a zone that includes the generator and the transformer

therefore experienced by the differential relay as a “false” differential current

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